Cheeky Chappy Music

Tommy has produced and engineered groups in a variety of genres. Though he specializes in hard rock and heavy metal, he has recorded concert choir, marching band, chamber orchestra, gospel, R&B and everything in between.

He is most often hired by independent artists releasing CDs, and provides on-location recording often. He recently produced Tommy Harrison Group, Raven Cain Band and Glutton. The three projects are slated for release on 405 Hollywood/Atlantic Records.

Among the highlights of his personal equipment:

12 Channel Neve Discrete Mic Pres, with Class A Phoenix Audio upgrades
Apogee A/D convertion
Otari MTR-12 with track heads for stereo analog mixdown
Pro Tools
Genelec monitors
Significant UAD Quad Plug-in Package (Manley, SSL, Neve, Studer, Pultec, 1176)
Neumann and Sennheiser microphones
Tube, large diaphragm and small diaphragm FET microphones by SE Electronics. (He endorsed them.)

… and more!

To book Tommy, email him at

Selection of recordings showcasing production and recording. All examples are in MP3 format for size considerations..

Chroma "Come Again" Groove Rock
Polygons"Two Steps Back" Alternative Rock
A.J. Neaher "Like It To Be" Pop/Rock
A.J. Neaher "I See You" Pop/Rock
The Spring Equinox "No Path We Choose Is Wrong" Heavy Metal
The Spring Equinox"You Just" Heavy Metal
The Spring Equinox"Violence" Heavy Metal
Inside the Target Car Pop/Punk
Dancell Pop/Punk
Fixer Hard Rock
Harrison's Commercial Jingle
Conflict of Interest Hard Rock
Dogs of Pleasure Hard Rock
GUTA Groove Rock
Mandy Whitehurst Adult Contemporary
Soulthieves Rock (Live Performance)
Tyler Scott Rock
Jenna Solo Piano
Jolly Gospel Singers Soul Based Gospel
Mark Anthony White Contemporary Gospel
Mark Anthony White Contemporary Gospel Remix
Nation After God "Born Again" Gospel
Nation After God "Thank You Lord" Gospel
Shelley Quidley Instrumental Contemporary Christian
Tiffany Barnes R&B
Caroll V. Dashiell Jr. Jazz Fusion Combo
Vince Corozine "Alone Again" Jazz Combo
Vince Corozine "Dayton" Demo for Musical
Andrew Young Solo Country

Selections of Film Score and Classical MP3s.

Scott Watkins: Hedda Gabler Film Score
Scott Watkins: Soul in the Machine Film Score
Scott Watkins: Walking Through Fires Film Score
Scott Watkins Debussy arrangement for multimedia performance
Tony Steve Arrangement from the 21 Italian Songs and Arias for baritone and percussion
First Coast Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble
Missy Doehne Classical Art Song for Soprano and Piano
Jacksonville University Orchestra Orchestra
ECSU Jazz Ensemble Big Band
ECSU Marching Band Marching Band